Want a break or need a hand; from a few days to a few weeks – we’re here for you!

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Resort Relief Managers is operated by Harry and Maureen Lunn, who have over 9 years experience running their own management rights business on the Sunshine Coast and providing relief management to a number of resorts and motels between Airlie Beach and Byron Bay.  We are especially pleased that managers of 13 complexes have granted us multiple appointments, with the many ongoing throughout 2013 and 2014. Click on about us to find out more.

We hope that now you have found the complete solution to your relief or property management requirements.

Our prime purpose is to provide solutions to a range of requirements that are experienced by resident managers of resorts, permanent complexes, motels and holiday parks.

Our goal is to deliver these services in a professional and couteous manner, giving you the confidence that your business is in capable hands and allowing you to fully relax whilst away on holiday.

We can offer a range of services and we would be pleased to talk to you more about your requirements and how we can help.

Services: -

Full live-in relief management for holidays or extended breaks.
Training and support for new managers.
Project management.
Business financial management.
Business operational management.
Detailed assessment of Resident Manager’s contractual duties.

We normally charge by the day and/or hour with o
ur rates dependent on the service required and in relation to holiday cover, the size of the complex, office hours and Body Corporate work; please call or email for more information.